Can I Use Shopify As A Service Business? or part Service Business?

Can I Use Shopify As A Service Business? or part Service Business?

We get asked this question a-lot at ulme. Can I Use Shopify for A non-eCommerce website or Service Business?

Shopify has long been hailed as THE platform to use for product based businesses, with many Multinational brands jumping into the Shopify craze.

But what about service businesses? Can they use Shopify too?

In short – the answer is yes, absolutely! Why not?

Shopify was originally designed as a platform for eCommerce businesses and performs very well for businesses in this market. However, there are many tips and tricks that make Shopify an equally great platform for service based businesses, as well as eCommerce businesses which also offer services in tandem.

Here we can let you in on a few of the secrets to make it work for your service business on Shopify.

How To Use Shopify As A Service Business...

Shopify can work well for business who need an online catalogue of their products but don't necessarily want to allow purchases online. We have built several sites, where Shopify's collection and product functionality has been used to showcase a businesses services/products but no actual purchases are made online, by the removal of the add to cart function and even the price visibility.  

Selling Your Services As Products

The services that you offer are essentially products, just not in the traditional, tangible sense. Instead of selling physical items, you are selling your knowledge and your skills to people who need to utilise them.

Shopify can be used for many service based businesses including tradespeople, consultants, hairdressers, freelance writers and designers, and pretty much everyone else! Maybe, each price is based on a POA? Do your prices fluctuate daily? 

Perhaps you have a traditional product-based business but are looking to venture out into things like consult appointments, product set-ups, delivery, or support services? You can do all of this and more with Shopify.

Less than 10% of small businesses in the UK are solely retail trade – so there are plenty of you out there with service based businesses! So, it is in the best interests of any eCommerce platform to support service-based companies. These companies have a steady stream of revenue, as they are often selling essential services that people are always going to require. By supporting this market on their platform, they are ensuring they will have a steady and reliable customer base.

Utilise Apps

There are also plenty of helpful apps on the Shopify app store to further enhance the platform for service-based companies. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Globo Request a Quote

This app is brilliant for service quotes, or businesses that sell made-to-order products. Instead of having the usual “add to cart” and “checkout” options, your potential customers can select “request for quote”. They will then fill out a form detailing what they want, and you can send a quote back – all in a fancy and editable email template!


BookThatApp gives you a functional and responsive bookings calendar. It allows your clients to reserve times without needing to use third-party apps, which take customers away from your website. This is great for all consultation or appointment based services.

Events Calendar

This app will give you an awesome events calendar to display on your website or online store. You can choose from several different layouts and sync it with external calendars from Outlook, Eventbrite, and Google. This is a great option for consultants who hold seminars, or dance and fitness businesses who hold open classes. You can add information, images, and links to each event so your audience can find it all in one click.

Development of Service Pages

Taking on a experienced Shopify Agency like ulme can open many avenues in creating fully interactive and responsive service pages which do not look like your stereotypical product eCommerce pages. We will link a couple of examples below of Shopify websites which use an experienced Shopify agency to create service pages on Shopify. By doing this it allows you to not lose the eCommerce side if needed on other categories and pages and also allows full flexibility and design of your service pages.


Making It Work For You

There are heaps of other great Shopify benefits that make it the perfect platform for everyone regardless of their business type. This includes versatile templates and designs, easy low-cost credit card payments, and user-friendly interfaces for both product and service businesses.

Plus, it can all be customised to your own individual needs. Ulme can help you with all things Shopify. We provide affordable Shopify set up, support, and training services. Find out more about what we offer and get in touch today!