Paypal Express Gateway now available for Shopify Subscriptions

Paypal Express Gateway now available for Shopify Subscriptions

"Merchants no longer have to choose between selling subscription products and using Shopify’s checkout."

Brilliant for some, a pain in the a** for some organisations looking to use Shopify in the Health and Beauty Industry and others who use Third Party payments providers.

Why you ask?

In 2021 Shopify introduced the first APIs and tooling that will enable partners and developers to build new subscription experiences directly within Shopify Checkout. A brilliant and seamless integration to use Subscriptions apps such as Recharge or the new and brilliant Appstle Subscriptions, however, many businesses, within the healthy and beauty industry and CBD industry are unable to use Shopify payments, which yes you guessed HAD to be used to sell subscriptions through the new Subscription API setup. 

So where did that leave these businesses?

If you, like many merchants I know had setup a Shopify store within the last few months selling products which were not supported by shopify payments, you were stuck. There was nothing you could do about it. 

Paypal Gateway Q2 2021

Here came the savour, the Paypal express gateway which launched in May 2021. The addition of this gateway allows these organisations who do not use Shopify payments to be able to sell subscriptions. 

Getting setup on the Paypal Express Gateway for Subscriptions

1. In **Settings > Payments**, activate PayPal Express by selecting **Activate PayPal Express Checkout**, or if PayPal Express gateway already activated, **please deactivate and reactivate** it again.

2. After this you may expect to receive an email from Shopify letting you know that the they have requested PayPal to allow you to accept automatic payments and that the process may take up to 7 business days. If you don't receive this email, you can reach out to PayPal via the information here

3. When waiting for PayPal's approval, an Automatic Payments section will be displayed in the Payments settings and will show **Pending**. ![](

4. Once you are approved, the Automatic Payments section of the PayPal content will display **Approved** at which point you will be able to sell subscriptions while using the Shopify checkout integrated subscription apps. ![](

That's all for the setup to get started using the subscription apps with PayPal Express gateway. If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.

Shopify Subscriptions: The Way Forward.

With a an array of APIs and tools becoming available on Shopify, the new Shopify subscriptions set-up offers merchants and developers a great opportunity to extend the quality and sophistication of their subscription offering. Consequently, they’re perfectly positioned to capitalise on this growing eCommerce model!

If you’re planning a Shopify project, or simply want more information on Shopify subscriptions, do get in touch with ULME here.